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Sniper’s Eye

The Severn River – Duncan Lewellen had always been a careful man. Tonight, waiting for the darkest hour of the night, would be no different. There had been too many nights like this. Alone in the darkness Duncan remembered the long, dark hours spent in the remote, dangerous jungles of Viet Nam; missions when he […]

July 4th, 1826

On July 4th, 1826, what could have been considered an amazing coincidence, had we not known the history of the two men involved, took place. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the second and third Presidents of the United States, died. As these men lay on their death beds what thoughts ran through their minds? The […]

The Savage Model 24 Combination Guns

7 – 27 – 99   The Savage Model 24 Combination Guns – King of the Survival Guns !   For as long as I can remember the question has raged around campfires, at the shooting range, and over a cup of coffee: What if you could only have only one gun and you had […]