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If there is one area that most survival kits and experts lack it’s communications. If the SHTF and a crisis is the result normal communications will probably fail and if you are traveling or at work, communicating with your family at home becomes very important.
The majority of 72 hr/ Bug Out Kits contain a dynamo am/fm/wb type of radio for communications and while it’s good to have such a device packed into your kit or home for news and announcements they do not offer the ability to communicate with your family in a emergency.
To deal with this situation within my family and friends I have picked up a variety of 2-Way Communication Devices. First a simple CB Radio is a good choice and readily available from a variety of sources. I picked mine up a Cobra 40 Channel CB New in the box for $20 at my local flea market. Of course one unit is good but you need a minimum of 2 to be able to communicate with your home during a crisis.
There are also hand held Marine Band radios that are widely used in the Marine industry. While these units are a bit more expensive, these hand held units are powerful and offer more range than your typical 2 way walkie talkies.
Another good choice are the modern 2 way walkie talkie radio sets widely used by outdoorsmen and hunters. They can offer a range of 20-50 miles in the right conditions and are very compact. I have several sets at home to keep in close touch while in the immediate area of my home.
Other options are SSB or Ham radio sets which can be complicated and expensive to set up and use and hand held Scanners for monitoring police, fire and emergency channels although you cannot talk on a scanner.
Whatever route you choose, it is wise to prepare for a emergency by getting some communications devices to use during a crisis when normal communications fail.
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