American Flag Eagle Tail Gate Wraps

American Flag Eagle Tail Gate Wraps

American Flag Eagle Tail Gate Wraps

Hillary for Prison 2016 Bumper Stickers

Hillary for Prison 2016 Bumper Stickers

Hillary for Prison 2016 Bumper Stickers

Emergency communications

Emergency Communications Information During local, state and national emergencies the importance of our country’s communications system which includes telecommunications, broadcast, cable and satellite systems can become strained. When the power is off, phones go out and the internet is down, when police, fire, and hospital services are overwhelmed, amateur radio operators are there to take […]

Water Storage Options

// Click here for Water Filtration and Purification Water Storage Options In most emergency situations, fresh drinking water is the most important item you can store. It is recommended to have both portable and stationary emergency water storage. Portable water containers should be light enough to carry during an emergency. Be sure to take into […]

Prioritize your Preparedness

If you prioritize your preparedness, you will be able to cover the most important items first, and then move on to a more rounded supply! Water Storage – The first aspect of preparedness we will be focusing on is Water Storage. You can have a year’s worth of food but that won’t mean anything without […]

Water Storage

Water Storage is important. Having an ample supply of safe, clean, purified water is a top priority in an emergency. A normally active person needs to drink at least two quarts of water each day. Hot environments can double that amount. Children, nursing mothers and ill people will need even more. You will also need […]

Building Your Own Shelter

If you are in a situation where you need to build a shelter, there are several different types of shelters that you can build. If you have no materials with which to construct a shelter, you should make use of any cover or protection that is available, such as a cliff overhang, a cave, a […]


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What we can learn from Hurricane Irene

Last week I was dealing with several personal situations. A very close and dear friend that I grew up with lost his dad (Jed) to cancer. Being present to comfort my buddy while we both waited for Jed to pass on brought back vivid memories of my mom’s death last year.Needless to say, as tough […]

Sniper’s Eye

The Severn River – Duncan Lewellen had always been a careful man. Tonight, waiting for the darkest hour of the night, would be no different. There had been too many nights like this. Alone in the darkness Duncan remembered the long, dark hours spent in the remote, dangerous jungles of Viet Nam; missions when he […]

July 4th, 1826

On July 4th, 1826, what could have been considered an amazing coincidence, had we not known the history of the two men involved, took place. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the second and third Presidents of the United States, died. As these men lay on their death beds what thoughts ran through their minds? The […]

The Savage Model 24 Combination Guns

7 – 27 – 99   The Savage Model 24 Combination Guns – King of the Survival Guns !   For as long as I can remember the question has raged around campfires, at the shooting range, and over a cup of coffee: What if you could only have only one gun and you had […]

Emergency Rations

    Food storage is an important part of being prepared for an emergency. In this section of RightWingInk, we are going to discuss various different aspects of food storage, from stocking your bug-out bag or 72-hour emergency kit, to preparing to keep your family fed for weeks, months, or even a year. There are different requirements for each goal […]

Single Post Parachute Tepee

Single Post Parachute Tepee You need a 14-gore section (normally) of canopy, stakes, a strong center post, and inner core and needle to construct this tepee. You cut the suspension lines except for 40- to 45-centimeter lengths at the canopy’s lower lateral band. To make this tepee– Select a shelter site and scribe a circle about 4 […]

3 Post Parachute Tepee

3 Post Parachute Tepee If you have a parachute and 3 poles and the tactical situation allows, make parachute tepee. It is easy and takes very little time to make this tepee. It provides protection from the elements and can act as a signaling device by enhancing a small amount of light from a fire […]

Poncho Tent Shelter

 Poncho Tent Shelter This tent provides a low silhouette. It also protects you from the elements on two sides. It has, however, less usable space and observation area than a lean-to, decreasing your reaction time to enemy detection. To make this tent, you need a poncho, two 1.5- to 2.5-meter ropes, six sharpened sticks about […]

Poncho Lean on Shelter

Poncho Lean On It takes only a short time and minimal equipment to build this lean-to. You need a poncho, 2 to 3 meters of rope or parachute suspension line, three stakes about 30 centimeters long, and two trees or two poles 2 to 3 meters apart. Before selecting the trees you will use or […]

Canning Basics: Step One Science

Canning Basics: Step One Science By Chef D | Published 8/19/2011   So you’ve considered home canning. There are lots of good reasons for home canning – from avoiding chemical preservatives, to creating homemade gifts, to making it a part of your survival plan.   Before embarking on this endeavor, it is important to know how to […]

Do you have a Survival Plan – Questions & Answers

PLAN for YOUR Family’s Survival As a former USAF survival specialist and the founder of Bayou Security and Survival, I am always being asked questions by my local customers. Questions like What is a Bug Out Bag / 72 Hr. Kit ? and What’s the difference ? What does Survive in Place mean? What are the […]