Container Housing: Time Magazine

photocrati gallery“Old Shipping Containers Are New Housing Trend”.
This article was not really attempting to say it’s a new trend, but meant to emphasize that the trend which began years ago has become a huge construction trend even in 2011.
Although the news article was somewhat condensed, the reporter, Tim Newcomb did a great deal of research before writing his news article for Time magazine.
Barry Naef, our ISBU Association founder and Managing Director was one of many professionals interviewed by Tim to obtain accurate information. As you can see from the Time article, he covers this unique recycled housing architecture and building trend in the US for the past 10 years.
Some cynics have commented this is old news and certainly not a US original, but that wasn’t the point of the news story.
The story was written to emphasize the “Container Housing Trend”, in the US. No one can dismiss it’s huge growth also globally. Yes, the Container Housing trend is simultaneously growing globally with the very same momentum as we see in the US.
Whether you call it Container Housing, Cargotecture, ISBU Technology, or simply Green Construction, this trend to build, using recycled or new shipping containers is booming, and here to stay.
Thanks to Tim Newcomb and Time magazine for their coverage of this unique, Green architecture as it continues to take the world by storm.
By our statistics, and also Google search statistics, ISBU container construction is the most searched housing, and Green housing trend for three years straight. It’s about Time….

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