Survival Blog Quick-Start Guide

Survival Blog Quick-Start Guide

This Survival Blog Quick-Start Guide is here to help you prepare your family to survive a natural disaster or any crisis that may come your way.
Before you begin your food storage, it is critical to have a plan for your family that includes the following:
Contact Plan:a place where all family members can meet, PLAN A,B,C with contact numbers (text enabled)
Emergency Preparedness Kit: 72-Hour Kit to include Water, Food,Basic Supplies.
Evacuation Plan: When to evacuate and know what to take when evacuating your home and where your going with plan A,B,C to get there.
Make this a regular family fun night (aka Prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse). Get the kids involved so they will know what’s going on and where everything will be kept and help organize.

Prioritize your Preparedness

Water Storage

Emergency Rations

Emergency communications


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