Do you have a Survival Plan – Questions & Answers

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PLAN for YOUR Family’s Survival

As a former USAF survival specialist and the founder of Bayou Security and Survival, I am always being asked questions by my local customers. Questions like What is a Bug Out Bag / 72 Hr. Kit ? and What’s the difference ? What does Survive in Place mean? What are the basics of Survival ? and many others.
We will answer all your questions as well as bring you a Feature Survival Report that will cover all aspects of Survival and Emergency Planning. We will cover the basics to start with and then go into details of Survival.

I know it’s  overwhelming to go to work, raise a family, care for a home and all your possessions, then prepare for any crisis that may come up in the future.

We plan our daily meals.  We plan our education and careers. We plan for vacations. But adding survival planning on top of all that — including food storage, a place to put it, what and where  to store and how much, and all the details it takes to make it happen — well, it can be just too much to think about!

But a crisis rarely announces ahead of time

Do you Have A Survival Plan 

What questions do you have?
What do you need more help on?
Do you have suggestions or Ideas?

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5 Responses to “Do you have a Survival Plan – Questions & Answers”

  1. Hi, I came across your blog. I’m a single mother of three, living in a small apartment with little storage space. I don’t have the funds to buy property elsewhere or to even get a larger apartment. However, I would like to start preparing for an emergency as I’m the only one my children have to depend on. But when I start thinking about it, I don’t even know where to start. Any suggestions to point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance.

    • Hey Dee,
      Yours is a very good question. The first thing you should understand is that “you are not alone”. I would estimate that 95% or more people in this country have not developed a Emergency/Survival Plan much less prepared for it.

      Most people don’t understand that you don’t have to spend a fortune on “gear” or
      food. You should not have to move (for now depending on where you live) and you don’t want to feel overwhelmed. Stop ! Catch your breath and clear your head. A calm clear head is the #1 thing that will insure you and your kids survival.

      The first step you should take is to assess your home and decide if you currently live in an area that would be SECURE during a CRISIS. Does your home or apartment have enough room to store additional food and other essential items?
      Is your home or apartment in a area prone to crime?

      Once you decide the answer to that basic question then you will know which way you should prepare. There are basically 2 roads you can go with your Emergency/Survival Plan.

      1) SURVIVE IN PLACE = This means you feel secure enough where you are that you have sufficient means to store necessary survival items like Food, water, medical and… have the means to defend it if it becomes necessary.

      2) BUG OUT /EVACUATE = This means when crisis hits you have prepared by planning to leave your home and move to a safer location (ie. family vacation home, friends home, etc.)

      Once you have determined which Plan you are going to follow #1 or #2 above then you develop your plan further on a regular basis (weekly or monthly) so you don’t get overwhelmed.

      I will be going into more details about these 2 plans in weekly reports so make sure and check back. If you need additional help or info you can email me at

      God Bless and Good Luck !

  2. Hey Mac,
    I am just starting to “Prep” and I’m really not sure where to start. Your reply to Dee above helps but could you explain the basics of Survival and what kind of items I should start with?
    I don’t have a lot to spend but I do have enough to start with anyway.
    Great Info ! Keep it up !

  3. Hey Patrick,
    Don’t feel alone. The first step to developing your personal Survival/Emergency Plan is to determine if you will survive in place or bug out just like I instructed Dee.
    Once you make that decision then your plan should be based on the 5 Basics of Survival 1) Shelter 2) Food 3) Water 4) Medical and 5) Defense
    Any good survival plan will include items to address these basic needs. Also when developing your plan be sure to consider your area where you live. For example if you live in a desert area you will need to pay more attention to water or Hydration.
    Be sure to check back for more valuable free info on this blog.

  4. don rocky creek August 20, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    Hi Mac,
    Any good guidelines for buying land? I have been looking between Waco, TX, up through Nashville, Tennessee, and every state in between (OK, AR, MO). There are questions of acreage, distance from cities, gardening, livestock, state taxes, ccw, humidity, proximity to current work as a traveling construction worker and ultimately retirement in about ten years. i am sure there are many other matters that i am not thinking about. thank you.

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