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    You can call me “Mac”.  I got my first taste of SURVIVAL in the Air Force in the 70’s. As a result of a government fluke I was trained as a “Aircrew Life Support Specialists”. At that time I was hoping to gain experience in a field that would later serve to get me a good job in civilian life after the Air Force, but… Survival ?

I thought then I could never use the skills that I had learned in the U.S.A.F. in my civilian life, boy was I wrong!

My wife and youngest son Ian who was born disabled faced the threat of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I had prepared to survive in place. I had gone to the bank and got cash. I had 3 generators and stored plenty of fuel. We had stored canned goods and food along with cases of bottled water. I boarded up all the windows and secured the house. Just in case, as a plan B, my wife and I packed up everything we would need to bug out… Thank God.

I’ll never forget getting up early Sunday morning after a long night to check the weather and hurricane forecast. I took one look at the radar and saw the monster hurricane Katrina covering the gulf, a Category 5 heading directly for us! I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach but I did not panic. I told my wife “It’s time for Plan B” so we loaded up what we had not loaded the day before including all our pets , 2 dogs, 2 rabbits, 1 bird and a pygmy goat named Billy. Have you ever tried to check into a Holiday Inn with a Goat ?

Thank God, we had prepared in our packing to include all of our stored camping gear, Tent, Blankets etc. After driving for over 12 hours we were blessed to find some wonderful people that ran a campground and they put us up for the night.
We became the Circus of the campground with all our animals and the short stay became one that we really enjoyed while we waited out Katrina.

The day after Katrina struck the Mississippi Gulf Coast we decided to head back home to assess the damage. When we got home the damage to the entire area was amazing, but our home survived the storm. We quickly realized though that during the short time we were away, our neighbors had broke into our carport and stole food and fuel for our generators. Luckily they had not broken into our house but the surprise and dismay struck home.

By Tuesday, two days after Katrina had struck I had managed to clear out the downed trees and get the generators running. We then started taking in family and friends that did not fair as well and needed shelter. For several weeks after the storm we lived on generators and stored foods and MRE’s. After making sure that my family was stable I went to work as a “First Responder” on the Mississippi Coast and quickly realized the extent of damage Katrina had done.

The Katrina experience made my wife and I realize that although we had fared much better than most of our family and friends, we did not feel safe or prepared enough to handle situations like a Katrina. We decided to move further north and settled on a 4 acre piece of land in the country. I built our current home and made sure it was built to Survive. We are on a 250 acre lake stocked with fish, there is plenty of wild game around and I made sure and built in a stand by generator and water well. It was during this time that I was approached by family and friends that requested that I help them to “Prepare”. Developing a Survival Plan, making up a “Bug-Out Bag” and setting up a Survival Store of Necessary Items quickly became a part time thing that grew into Bayou Security and Survival.

Never has our country faced so many threats from so many directions at the same time. Our country, Our Savings and Retirement, Our Family and Friends are all threatened. Our very way of life is now threatened and the thing is… The Majority of people don’t know it or don’t want to know it, much less try to prepare for it. It may come as a Act of Nature like Katrina or the Earthquake/Sunami that hit Japan or it could come as Civil Unrest spreads because of failed Government Policies and the economic collapse that results. If you are not PREPARED and have not taken the time to develop a EMERGENCY SURVIVAL PLAN, then you and your family are at RISK !

I formed Bayou Security and Survival to help as many people as possible to understand these threats and to prepare for whatever emergency they might face.
Bayou Security and Survival and our website contains the sources for all the necessary components you will need to handle just about any emergency situation and the information that will allow you to feel secure in your plan.

Bayou Security and Survival is a New venture and we are growing daily by constantly adding to our product lines and companies that we partner with.
We will strive to bring you the Highest Quality Products that we TEST OURSELVES. We will also update our customers via e-mail of all the vital information in regards to current events in our nation as well as across the globe that have a profound effect on our daily lives.

Our Goal is to help as many as we can to face what the uncertain future holds no matter what that may be.


God Bless


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