Poncho Tent Shelter

 Poncho Tent Shelter

This tent provides a low silhouette. It also protects you from the elements on two
sides. It has, however, less usable space and observation area than a lean-to,
decreasing your reaction time to enemy detection. To make this tent, you need a
poncho, two 1.5- to 2.5-meter ropes, six sharpened sticks about 30 centimeters long,
and two trees 2 to 3 meters apart.
To make the tent–

  • Tie off the poncho hood in the same way as the poncho lean-to.
  • Tie a 1.5- to 2.5-meter rope to the center grommet on each side of the poncho.
  • Tie the other ends of these ropes at about knee height to two trees 2 to 3 meters apart and stretch the poncho tight.
  • Draw one side of the poncho tight and secure it to the ground pushing sharpened sticks through the grommets.
  • Follow the same procedure on the other side.
  • If you need a center support, use the same methods as for the poncho lean On.

Another center support is an A-frame set outside but over the center of the tent. Use
two 90- to 120-centimeter-long sticks, one with a forked end, to form the A-frame.
Tie the hood’s drawstring to the A-frame to support the center of the tent

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