Grazing Rights and Cattle Trails by The Patriotic Cowgirl Sunday February 21, 2016

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Today is a new day for  me and a first for sharing my thoughts, concerns, and beliefs in a public venue like this one.  Many times I have heard the saying “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”!!   I really feel overwhelmed by all that is going on– It seems that our country is disintegrating before my eyes and that society is screaming everywhere that “Good is evil, and evil is good”!  The ideals and way of life that I grew up believing were moral, good, true, responsible and right are now being trampled on and thrown out; and immorality, dishonesty, irresponsibility, and darkness rule the day. Ranchers and farmers have their land, grazing and watering rights taken from them.  Good moral people are treated like criminals, and people that are criminals and breaking the law by killing, stealing and abusing others get away with it. The original intent of the the Bill of Rights and Constitution is ignored, and executive orders by one man are put into place to control us. I have prayed about this for a long time, and also, I have asked myself “What is it I can do, what is it that I should do?”  I don’t have a complete answer to those questions but this is where I can start, by being a “Keyboard Warrior”.  I will write about many topics and hopefully you, the readers, will find some interesting and useful information here. I will be posting leads to others sites as well.  This site, “Right Wing Ink” has made a place for me to start writing a blog — many KUDOS to them for this opportunity.  The views I express here are strictly my own, and any posts or leads from other places are also my sole responsibility.  Well, I will be closing the fence gate on this trail and moving on to the next post.  Meet you there!!!!