Bumper Stickers and T shirts for you during these Coronavirus times. We here at Right Wing Ink are quarantining ourselves and staying separated from others in an attempt to help slow down the spread of this virus to do our part to help prevent our fellow citizens from getting infected. A lot of our war veterans are of an age that they would not survive infection and the less load we can put on our health care workers, the better able they can take care of those who are infected. For those that can’t quarantine, please engage in social distancing to the best of your ability, wash hands frequently, and don’t touch your face.

During our sequester, we are going to try to do our best to get the most up to date information and get it posted here at Right Wing Ink and we’re also designing new stickers and tshirts for you to let everyone know your feelings about this pandemic and the affects it’s having on our American way of life.

People are going to be stressed out and lashing out as they feel the stress of these changes and family members are separated from each other. Please try to be a voice of calm and reason during these times and let’s focus our frustrations where it belongs, on the Coronavirus.

Stay safe, help keep your families safe, and help keep your communities safe. And for those who are working to keep the rest of us fed, supplied, and taken care of, we thank you!

I Survived the Corona virus stickers
I Survived the Corona virus stickers

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