Cornhole Board Wraps
Cornhole Board Vinyl Decals for your Cornhole / Bean Toss Lawn Gaming
We develop your Cornhole Wraps with longevity in mind! We know you’ll want your Cornhole Board Wrap to last many seasons in the sun, wind and rain. So, we start with UV resistant outdoor-use vinyl. Then we print your image in UV resistant and eco-friendly inks. Lastly, we laminate with a clear UV resistant vinyl overlay. You can expect your wrap to last a good 5-7 years. Longer if you keep them indoors when not in use.
We use vinyl that has 3M’s  Air Release Technology, which helps give you a bubble-free install. We suggest recruiting a buddy to help with the install, just for the initial placement, but it’s really easy to install and we include some easy to read DIY instructions. 
We print your wrap just a bit larger than the board so it’ll ensure a good fit. Each piece measures 48.5″ x 24.5″ wide. The excess can be trimmed with a razor or folded down on the sides of the board. 
This listing is for a set of 2 laminated adhesive vinyl wraps. We do not sell the actual boards, or the bean bags. 
We also know you’re going to want to install it yourself. So we use 3M’s Air Release technology. This helps ensure you get a bubble-free installation. Whether you do it yourself or with the help of a friend, it’s an easy install and we include easy to follow instructions.
 Please note that these won’t adhere very well on bare wood or MDF, so you want to give it a coat of glossy paint or clear coat and allow it a few days to cure before installing the wrap. 
Also please note that we don’t cut out the hole as we don’t know exactly where it might be on your board. But it’s easily cut out and trimmed with a sharp razor. 

We can do custom orders, but it has to be an original idea or a variance of ours. We won’t violate trademarks or copyrights by doing sports teams, for example. 

Any questions, just contact us on our Contact Us page!


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