Ammo Can Labels-Stickers


Ammo Can Labels-Stickers

Our Adhesive Vinyl Ammo Can Decals are a great way to organize your ammunition for quick and easy identification. 

  • Approx. Size of each Ammo Can Decal is 1.15″ x 3″
  • All our Ammo Can Decals are made with High-Quality 3M Adhesive Vinyl 
  • Our Ammo Can Decals can hold up to Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Our Ammo Can Decals are easy to apply, just peel and stick to any smooth clean surface. Be sure surface is clean from any gun oils as this will interfere with adhesion. 
  • Ammo Can Decals are printed on premium vinyl using UV resistant inks so the vivid colors will last for years even if left outside. 

10mm 12 GA 0012 GA Shot12 GA Slug16 GA Shot16 GA Slug.17 HMR.17 WSM 20 GA Shot20 GA Slug.204 Ruger.22 LR.22 Mag.22 Short.22 WMR.22-250.222 REM.223 REM.224 Valkyrie.225 WIN.243 WIN.25 ACP.25-06.260 REM.270 WIN.270 WSM.30 Carbine.30-06.30-30.300 BLK.300 RUM.300 WM.303 BRIT.308 Norma.308 WIN.32 ACP.327 Fed.338 FED.338 LM.35 REM.357 Mag.357 Sig.38 SPL.38 Super.380 ACP.40 S&W.41 Mag.410 Shot.410 Slug.44 Mag.44 SPL.44-40.45 ACP.45 GAP.45 LC.45-70.450 Bushmaster.454 Casull.458 SOCOM.460 Mag.480 Ruger.50 AE.50 Beowulf.50 BMG.500 SW5.45×395.56×455.7×286.5 Carcano6.5 CM6.5 GRN6.5×556.8 SPC7.35 Carcano7.5×557.62×257.62×337.62x38R7.62×397.62×517.62×547.92×337.92x577mm Mag7x578mm Mauser9mm9x18mmAK MagsAK47AR MagsAR10AR15Black PowderBrassCleaningFire KitFirst AidFMJGearHandloadsHolstersJHPLeadM193MagsMatchMiscMK 262 MOD1MuzzleloaderPistolReloadsRifleRimfireShotgunSKSSteelSubsonicTargetsTracerTrapUNODIRWater KitXM855

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