Kung Flu Stickers 2 Pack


Kung Flu Stickers 2 Pack


Kung Flu Stickers 2 Pack

Kung Flu Stickers 2 Pack. Show your anger at Chinese constant lying and theft with Kung Flu Stickers Bumper Stickers and Decals!! These Kung Flu Stickers are die-cut, as you can see by the shadow. We print Kung Flu Stickers on premium materials so that you get years of life out of your bumper stickers. These bumper stickers are self-adhesive and stick to any smooth clean surface such as your bumper or rear window. They are made to withstand years of outdoor life whether it’s the Southwest summers or the Northeast winters!

We offer bulk rate discounts too! Just contact us if you need a large amount of Kung Flu Stickers for a presidential campaign rally or other political function or just to hand out to your friends and neighbors.

Please also see our other bumper sticker options as well as other  items! We can do custom orders too. Just contact us with your idea and we’ll help you out. Kung Flu Stickers 2 Pack

Kung Flu Stickers
Kung Flu Stickers

http://rightwingink.com/product/boycott-china-stickers-2-pack-decals/China Virus Stickers

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