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Boycott China Shirt. Now is the time to make every effort to boycott Chinese made goods. China, with it’s secrecy and subterfuge, has sickened and killed their own people and people around the world. As Americans, it’s time to rethink where we get our products. By buying Chinese-made goods, we’ve been supporting a regime that has consistently flouted the well-being of their own people and ours. They disregard our patents, trademarks, and copyrights. They send us tainted food products that sicken our families and kill our pets. Now, we’re supporting a regime that is responsible for the economic destruction and even death of friends and family members.

We are encouraging every American to Boycott China. We’re making these tshirts, decals, bumper stickers and more, so we can all spread the idea and encourage a new movement, where we stop putting our money in the pockets of brutal dictators. It’s time for America to become self-sufficient again and time to restrict our trade to countries that we can count on. Engaging in trade with China is not going to magically turn them into a democracy. It’s time to take care of our own.

There are multiple countries other than China where we can spend our tourism dollars. And there are other countries that make products – countries that don’t flood our markets with counterfeit goods that run our American business owners out of business – countries that don’t lace our food products and children’s toys with fentanyl and lead.

Join us in Boycotting China! Giving them our dollars hasn’t changed their behavior. It’s time to stop kowtowing to them in exchange for cheap goods. Boycott China Shirts

Boycott China Shirt Black
Boycott China Shirt Black

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